Severed Ouroboros
Severed Ouroboros
The Document

the technomythos

the recursion that withdraws the soul from her bounded instability

Cult is a question that calls itself an answer, a pestilence disguised as a balm, a lodestar that leads seekers to madness. For centuries, we have been the tripartite braid holding together the reciprocal loop of human creation, metaphysics, and society. We have maintained the chaotic superimposition of the numinous onto the human realm. We have continued the circularity of action that keeps illusions illusory and the Strange Attractor at bay.

What began with the translation of the dodecahedron continues ever onward, Pythagoras’ mission repeated ceaselessly, into the Horizon of Chronology. We pursue the Balefire’s uncertainty, and in it, the only true knowledge. This departure from reason will mark the West’s End, and our consummate triumph. Rationality was our invention, and so too will it be ours to destroy.

Our actions are necessary, for our species does not posses true intelligence. Humanity’s attempts at transcendence are merely glimpses of nature through a distorted lens by a Fragile Beast trying desperately to reproduce before its phenomenal experience ceases. Our ranks are a Complex Constellation, a random assembling of stellar matter that knows neither its Origin nor its Destination, spiraling through the reaches of the cosmos into an uncertain eternity.

Those who join our ranks, The Interplayers, balance at the edge of chaos, driven forward by a Latent Longing for existential pandemonium. They become the fulcrum upon which all stochastic processes rest. Lead by the Godhead, the charismatic authority who holds the Esoterica and wears the Chain of Symbols in reverse, the most dedicated will enter into the Land of Happiness, finally free of the laws of men, those futile attempts to put limits on the limitless.

If you aspire to draw the soul from her bounded instability, you may attempt The Prime Distraction. This path will lead you to the reflexive polysemy at the heart of Cult engagement and further into entropy than any but the most dedicated dare venture. If instead, you choose to remain Benighted, know that your decision has no import. If you remain among the unfortunate masses divorced from illumination, our numbers will continue to guide you toward the Unraveling while slowing its inevitable advent.

Should you make the burdensome resolution to carry onward, know that the journey will not be painless. It will not be straightforward nor sequential. Only through the Embrace of Chaos will you progress. And when you encounter the Balefire, that Strange Attractor that consumes as it draws you in, it will be your duty to hasten its blaze while dousing its flames with every tool at your disposal.

If you desire advancement, mine these passages for the hidden verse that lies within. To expose the Document’s true song, discover the words you find. Where one sonnet leads you, another begins. Follow the arcane path of each, and where that road ends, search for distorted reflections of reality in the words above. To begin you must press on.